Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blue Thingies at Brooklyn Borough Hall

Notice the boxy blue things on the steps of Borough Hall? Artist Mark A. Reigelman II created these "Stair Squares" as both a "functional and an aesthetic work," says the Cleveland Institute of Art. The blue thingies are made of steel and are firmly affixed.

"This project not only crosses the boundaries of design and art, but raises questions concerning the respective function of aesthetics as an organizing principle within public spaces and as a way to facilitate, within the framework of daily life, various forms of social, economic and leisurely interactions," said Saul Ostrow, chair of the Institute's visual arts and technologies environment.

Okay. And they're handy when you eat lunch, too.

The "Squares" will be on display from August 17-26.

Photo by MK Metz

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Karley Meabrod said...

Perhaps these stair cubes were made by the same artist who installed the blue benches-for-1 that were attached to signposts throughout Williamsburg in the last year? Same blue, different neighborhood...