Thursday, September 13, 2007

Apple Store in Brooklyn -- A Recommendation

Racked has the (rather obvious) exclusive: Their sources say that Apple is scouring Brooklyn for a flagship Brooklyn Apple Store. Speculation is running rampant about just where Apple might be looking.

Apple, look no further: There's a spot in Downtown Brooklyn that you must check out: 345 Adams Street (at Willoughby), a stone's throw away from the Marriott, Fulton Street, Brooklyn Law School, Polytech (excuse us, NYU), City Tech, Brooklyn Friends, two new public high schools, the stores on Fulton Street, the new Schermerhorn developments, the new Atlantic Avenue developments, 110 Livingston, the new Willoughby Street developments and Brooklyn Heights. Plus a couple of convenient subway stops and all the buses and taxis in the world.

According to the Brooklyn Eagle, developer Joshua Muss is converting two floors (about 45,000 square feet) at 345 Adams St. into retail space. (There was a rumor that a Borders was coming into that spot but that didn't work out.) It's right in the middle of the whole Downtown Brooklyn redevelopment plan.

Oddly enough, this very day McBrooklyn went to TekServe (highly recommended) in Manhattan to buy: one iPod Nano; one Epson R260 Photo printer; Office and one wireless mouse. It does seems rather ridiculous that there is no Apple store in Downtown Brooklyn.

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Photo by MK Metz


Anonymous said...

Don't forget all those kids at Packer and St. Ann's whose teachers actually give them iPod assignments!!!

Anonymous said...

No one is talking about what will become of Fulton Street.

Anonymous said...

Montague Street? Probably not. Smith? Naw. Not Park Slope -- hey, there's a lot of gray at the temples out there. Not that mid-aged hipsters don't iPod, but they don't throw out their old one every 9 months and buy the newest model.

Anonymous said...

They buy laptops for their kids who are in private school!!!