Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dumbo 'Arts Under the Bridge' Festival

Dumbo's Art Under the Bridge Festival revealed itself in many layers this weekend.

It was a mix of the obvious

(Dondi, the painting elephant, for example) and the subtle (a chalk line revealing the high-water line of climate change, by Eve Mosher).

Juozas Cernius' neon "God is Great" and "God Was Great"
was one of those sleeper attention-grabbers;
everyone blogged about the Tub Project; the Solar Pavilion was a favorite.

The Stuffed Cabbage Project got people thinking about Hungary as a force in the art world.

The festival was a total success in terms of the depth and variety of artwork work. A question: Is Dumbo itself still a valid Art Venue, or an exhibition constructed by agents of real estate?

More at PsychoPedia; Arts Under the Bridge; Dondi, the Elephant (Daily News).

Great photos at Gowanus Lounge.

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