Friday, September 28, 2007

This Week's Filming Makes Parking a Disaster in Downtown Brooklyn, Heights

Park in Downtown Brooklyn or Brooklyn Heights? Forgedaboutit!

Blocks of Atlantic Avenue near the jail along with Boerum Place are blocked off for the filming of both 'Law and Order,' and 'Canterbury's Law,' a new courthouse show coming out in January.

Both sides of Cadman Plaza West, from Tillary north to the A train stop are either blocked off or taken up by dozens of heavy equipment trucks associated with the filming of the George Clooney/Brad Pitt movie 'Burn After Reading.' The filming is taking place inside a house on Hicks Street in Brooklyn Heights. An area of at least one solid block on Hicks Street is filled with heavy equipment, food trucks and security. (Security assured us that George's injured rib was "okay.") Parking on Clark Street is also coned off.

Think subway. Think bus. Don't think about parking.

Photos by MK Metz


Anonymous said...

Parking's tough, but it's always tough in this city and it's great to see that the film & tv industry is busy. Those are New Yorkers gainfully employed on those shows. Go New York City!

Anonymous said...

One improvement I have noticed is that the crews seem to be more polite than they have in the past. Seems like they realize that OUR NEIGHBORHOOD is enduring two or three major productions at a time from spring to late fall.