Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Timeless Treasures, In Downtown Brooklyn, Times Out

We always see interesting knick knacks in the windows at Timeless Treasures, the large Christian gift and bookstore at 163 Livingston Street (between Gallatin Place and Smith Street) in Downtown Brooklyn.

But we were surprised to find the store shut and the windows papered yesterday. There are no signs saying what's happening, and their voice mail is too full to take messages.

According to Property Shark, Brooklyn Tabernacle NY Religious Corp owns the property. (The store is adjacent to the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church.)

The store's website says they have 5,000 square feet on two floors. Wonder what's coming in next?

UPDATE: An email from Timeless Treasures says only: "We are sorry to let you know the store has closed. Please continue to shop at the Timeless Treasures website."

Photo by MK Metz

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Anonymous said...

The proprietors had a good-bye/thank you note taped on the door a few weeks ago announcing their closure. They noted that they were one of many local businesses that had fallen victim to the slow economy.

I'm also curious to see what's coming next. 5000 sq/ft is a pretty large space.

Anonymous said...

Another religious store is coming. Seriously. I forget the name.