Friday, September 3, 2010

Atlantic Avenue Tunnel Tours Saved! BP Markowitz Prevails Upon Bob Diamond

On Wednesday, Bob Diamond — discoverer of the long-lost Long Island Railroad tunnel under Atlantic Avenue — informed the Brooklyn Eagle that he was packing it in and leaving Brooklyn.

Diamond has been long frustrated by the city's bureaucracy in his attempts to break through a back wall of the Atlantic Avenue tunnel in search of a long-rumored historic locomotive, and in his dream to rebuild Brooklyn's trolley system.

“The last public tunnel tour will be on Sept. 12. After that, I’m discontinuing them and leaving Brooklyn,” he told the Eagle. The monthly Atlantic Avenue Tunnel tours, where flashlight-bearing urban spelunkers climb down into a half-mile ling, cavelike tunnel deep under the avenue (near Trader Joe's), attract hundreds.

Many were disappointed and shocked by this news, including Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz.

So yesterday, Markowitz called Diamond and prevailed upon him to continue the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel tours, according to the Brooklyn Eagle.

This is a great news. When we heard that Diamond was leaving we said, "Whatever the reason, Brooklyn loses when Diamond moves out."

Now we can say, "Brooklyn gains when Diamond stays!"

The latest from the Eagle here

UPDATE: Bob Diamond comments here.

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