Monday, May 13, 2013

Coney Island Mermaid Parade Close to Halfway Funded

Mermaids and sea creatures are contributing swimmingly to the Kickstarter campaign to save this year's world famous Coney Island Mermaid Parade, which has reached close to half its goal of $100,000.

By Sunday night more than 1,000 backers had pledged $46,548, with 21 days to go before the effort closes.

Because of the damage Hurrican Sandy wreaked on Coney Island, parade organizers said the budget shortfall of $100,000 would probably spell doom to the wacky, exotic and anywhere else probably illegal symbol of all that is Coney.

There are lots of perks for contributors. Just a few examples: Those pledging $40 will receive seashell pasties. Starting at $100: A mega-pack of 3D Mermaid Parade photos by Jay K. and a pair of 3D viewing glasses, plus a mermaid swag pack.

Pledge $150 and you'll get a spot on the VIP deck. A pledge of $250 will buy you untold treasures, including partying and marching with the Sexcamaids and custom-made mermaid/merman gear.

Here's one we love: pledge $5,000 or more and receive a Private Personalized Porta-potty: "Why wait on line when you can sit like a king and/or queen on your throne? Special Mermaid-themed, air-conditioned port-a-potty with security to prevent the mer-serfs from getting in. Oh, and also it's a parade float."

With swag like this, it's no wonder the donations are pouring in.

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