Monday, June 10, 2013

New York Citi Bike Is Hiring

Need a job? New York's Citi Bike share program is hiring.

According to the Citi Bike website, a number of positions are open: call center manager, outreach ambassadors, bike mechanics, customer service agents and more.

Citi Bike better hurry -- Sunday was their busiest day so far, with 22,399 trips of 25 minutes each. 4,524 day passes were sold.

Meanwhile, complaints about poor customer service poured in to Citi Bike's Facebook page on Friday:

* "I sent an email several days ago and still no reply. The stations will not let me rent another bike and your phone does not work..."

* "Can we pick up our keys in person?!"

* "I second that. Would really like to pick my key up!"

* "Did u route the calls to India?"

* "Hoping to receive my key soon... I signed up on April 15 and I haven't received anything yet."

* "Still waiting for my freakin' key!!!!!!"

It would seem that customer service agents need to be hired right away.

Photo by MK Metz

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