Monday, July 22, 2013

SUNY Tries to Sneak Patients Out of LICH; LICH Calls Cops

Photo: MK Metz
LICH hospital staff had to call the NYPD twice over the weekend to stop SUNY Downstate from trying to sneak patients out of LICH in defiance of Justice Bayne's court order, issued on Friday.

SUNY Downstate, desperately broke, has been trying to close LICH down so they can sell off the valuable property, worth up to a billion dollars.

Doctors, nurses and a local resident told the New York Times they twice saw SUNY Downstate representatives trying to transfer some of the hospital’s patients on Saturday, "including three critically ill patients who had been in the intensive care unit for months."

SUNY denied trying to move patients: "I’m not going to comment on falsehoods put forward by others,” SUNY spokesperson Steven Greenberg told the Times.

The Brooklyn Eagle, however, photographed an elderly patient being wheeled on a stretcher outside the hospital on Saturday afternoon. It is not known where the patient was brought, or if she lived or died after the move.

The Times also reported that a patient who was transferred to Downstate from LICH last week died at Downstate.

A funeral march will be held to mourn the death of healthcare in Brooklyn starting at Cadman Plaza Park at 4 p.m. on Wednesday and crossing Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall. People are making coffins. More here.

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