Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Brooklyn Bridge Security: Maybe White Flag Folks Did Us All a Favor

The Brooklyn Bridge Flag Caper of 2014 has caused quite a flap. Photos by MK Metz
It's likely that many thousands of dollars have gone into Brooklyn Bridge security, yet a group of pranksters, probably half drunk, managed to pull off quite a coup by removing the American flags from atop the Brooklyn Bridges towers and replacing them with white ones early this morning.

While the city and NYPD bosses are rattling their sabers and going over video footage, that's kind of beside the point, isn't it?

Maybe the city should be thanking the flag folks for demonstrating that any terrorist with half a plan could have had one of our most cherished monuments for breakfast this morning, along with a thousand or two thousand motorists and pedestrians.

That being said, NYPD's Emergency Service Unit did a great job of climbing the cables up to the summit of the bridge. These guys always come through, even if they shouldn't have to.

ESU officer climbs the Brooklyn Bridge cable. MK Metz

* Speculation grows about the white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge.

* Brooklyn Borough President Adams offers a $5 reward for info leading to arrest of perps.

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