Monday, June 16, 2014

Cuomo to Brooklyn: Screw You. LICH to Be Replaced with Condos.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has given the finger to Brooklyn and will be personally responsible for countless deaths as he prepares to hand over Long Island College Hospital (LICH) to a real estate developer for luxury condos.

Even as Downtown Brooklyn is exploding with tens of thousands of new residents and towers are clogging the skyline the governor has ruthlessly and cunningly given away a 156-year-old asset, and one vital to the health of the fastest growing region in the fastest growing county in all of New York State.

When the next blackout / flood / terrorist attack wipes out three or four neighborhoods in Manhattan, LICH won't be there like it was during September 11, Superstorm Sandy and the big flu outbreak.

LICH was a pediatric surge hospital.  When a couple of hundred kids come down with something awful at Brooklyn Bridge Park, guess the strongest will survive.

As much as Mayor de Blasio tries to whitewash this, he let us down. His slogan, "Hospitals not condos" got him votes here in Brooklyn. Then he dropped us like a hot potato, and offered his endorsement to the man responsible for killing LICH.

A borough scorned is a borough that will burn you during the next election.

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Phil Vitale said...

And screw Cuomo. Not that it matters because it's only one vote, but he isn't getting mine

mcbrooklyn said...

There's been an awful lot of anti-Cuomo talk around Brooklyn the last few days. More than the usual. People seems to be organizing.