Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween in Brooklyn, 2010 -- Kids Hit the Streets Early

Wow, what a bunch of costumed munchkins! The streets of Brooklyn were filled with kids wandering spirits going trick-or-treating way early this year, probably because there was school the next day. It was still light when kids ghouls and ninjas hit the sidewalks to gather loot in Boerum Hill.

This child's costume says, "This is a book." We didn't see any Kindles this year.

We're not sure what this one was dressed as. But we are sure the costume was homemade.

Court Street in Carroll Gardens was very crowded this year. One shop keeper told us he had almost double the usual number of trick-or-treaters. The mom in this ninja family was very cool. She looked like she could mow you down with her shuriken without even blinking.

"Whatdaya want, Luke, the pork sausage or the boiled ham? Oh, and tell Obi Wan Kenobi I need some help."

Two princesses on Court Street.

In Boerum Hill: This boy told us he was the Tea Party. He had tea bags strung across his chest and a pointy tea bag hat.

Wonder Woman, Skelator Dog, and a man wearing a Bermuda hat.

Posing in front of a toy store on Court Street.
The crowds, the parades, the candy: It all got to be a bit too much for this little giraffe.

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Photos by MK Metz

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