Monday, January 26, 2015

Last Minute Shopping List for the Blizzard of 2015

Shoppers in Gristedes. Photo: MK Metz
 If you haven't already, you should pop out Monday morning and buy a few supplies to prepare for the Great Blizzard of 2015.

The city might just grind to a halt by Tuesday, with two feet of snow, some power lines down and outdoor subway trains, the LIRR and MetroNorth out of commisssion.

De Blasio: "We are facing most likely one of the largest snow storms in the history of this city.”

It seems that Trader Joe's and Whole Foods have already been raided by entrepid New Yorkers, but not to worry. The city has enough bodegas and grocery stores to supply what you'll need to get through the next two or three days holed up in your apartment.

Here's the basic list for last minute Blizzard of 2015 shopping:

- Cash: Get enough for a few days' necessities, in twenties or smaller.

- Basics electronics: Flashlight, transistor radio, batteries.

- Food for humans and pets. It doesn't have to be fancy: soup, pasta, sandwiches, eggs or frozen meals-ready-to-eat. Fruit: apples, bananas, a bag of clementines or oranges. Carbs you can eat without cooking, like cereal (you'll need milk), bread, granola bars. Buy treats, too: cookies, chips, beer, whatever you like.

- Get some water on the off chance you lose electricity and don't feel like drinking water out of your bathtub.

- Don't forget baby formula, prescriptions, tissues, sanitary needs and toilet paper!

- If you are a home owner, you'll need salt and a shovel. 

Charge your cell phone and other electronic gear. (If circuits are busy send text messages, which will go through if any cell towers are working, even if voice doesn't. If the power is out altogether, standard landline phones, which run on the power running through the phone wires, usually work.)

NOTE: Gas stoves with a pilot light work even if the electricity goes out, but the newer gas stoves have an electric igniter and they won't work. You may be able to manually light them with a match, however.

Note: Keep dogs on leash -- they get confused in the snow and may lose their way. Wipe off their paws carefully when they get back inside.

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