Monday, February 26, 2007

'No Problem' at Belltel Lofts

And how do future tenants of the Belltel Lofts (365 Bridge Street in Downtown Brooklyn) feel now that their developer's "sordid legal history" has come to light? Some were surprised to learn that their developer is the same David Bistricer whose group (Clipper Equity) won the bidding for the thousands of apartments at Starrett City, prompting Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo to expose Mr. Bistricer's “long and troubled history of tenant abuse” in the city.

Most have no problem with that, if you go by the Belltellofts blog (the "blog for owners or people who'd like to be owners at Belltel Lofts"). Guyfromdobro, for example, says, "That might be a problem for some folks; in and of itself, it doesn't especially bother me..." Other posters were more interested in the bigger questions. Like, "Does anyone know if there will be any storage in the building at no fee?"

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