Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Last Chance to Catch Coney Island Mermaids Exhibit

The successful exibition "Coney Island Mermaids, 1996-2016," representing over 20 years of work by photographer Luke Ratray, will close this coming Friday, July 22nd at an event running from 7-10pm.

The event will take place at the Urban Folk Art Gallery (101 Smith St., Brooklyn, 11201).

Luke Ratray has captured a unique perspective on the annual Mermaid Parade by "focusing on the people instead of the pageantry," according to a release.

"People who invent identities for themselves, even if only for a day, have always fascinated me," Ratray said in the release. "When I photographed the Mermaid Parade for the first time, I knew that I found something special. I was attracted to the homemade spirit and revelry of people involving themselves in what may be the last self-made, and largely self-regulated, public performance in New York City. "

In the early photos, sightings of the first "property for lease" and "for sale" signs appear. There are glimpses of the Surf Hotel, The Bank Building, Denny's ice cream shop, Nick's diner, and the old-school "Shoot 'Em Up" on Surf Avenue. (They have all since been razed.)

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