Friday, September 9, 2016

Cursive Writing Coming Back to NYC Public Schools

 So it turns out that cursive writing is not only useful, but it's good for the developing brain. (Interesting article in the Economist about the research on this.)

In a comprehensive interview with the Brooklyn Eagle about this year's school initiatives, one of the most surprising changes Schools Chancellor Fariña announced is the return of the teaching of cursive writing to NYC schools. The change came about after requests from parents, Fariña said.

On top of all the developmental reasons were practical ones, Farina told the Eagle.

“When I do my town hall meetings, the parents say, ‘How are they going to sign a check?’”

Photo by D.L. Musselman Wikipedia

W [Brooklyn Eagle]hat’s new in NYC schools this year? An exclusive interview with Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña

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