Monday, October 31, 2016

Harley Quinn Top Trending Halloween Costume in NYC, but in Missoula, It's "Pig"

Street art. Photo: MK Metz
Google's Freightgeist trends analysis app confirms what astute Halloween costume prognosticators had predicted: Batman super-villainess Harley Quinn is going to be EVERYWHERE during tonight's Halloween mayhem.

This is true not only in New York City but nationwide, where Harley Quinn rules as the number one costume search on Google. This includes cities as diverse as Miami, Richmond, El Paso and Salt Lake City.

In New York City, the second top-trending costume is the all-inclusive "Superhero." In third place is the "Joker," then "Wonder Woman" and "Witch."

While most of the country is dressing up like superheros or villains,  witches, clowns or cartoon characters like Minnie Mouse (oddly popular), some parts of these United States have some pretty quirky top costumes.

The weirdest state seems to be Montana. For example, the number one costume around Missoula, Montana is "Pig."

What the hell is going on up there?

In Great Falls, Montana, the top costume is "Flamingo."

Have those people ever even seen a flamingo?

Here's one that really has us stumped. The number one costume in Helena, Montana is "Gumball Machine."

We can imagine one or even two clever folks dressing up as gumball machines over in Helena. But the top costume in the whole town? Is there an army of gumball machines getting ready to march tonight in Helena? Should we be doing something about this?

Here are a few more that just seem a bit unusual as number one costume in the whole town:

Kirksville, Missouri: "Old Lady."
Sherman, Texas: "Shark."
Jonesboro, Arkansas: "Gangster."
Utica, NY: "Dalmation."
Tallahassee, Florida: "Disco."

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