Friday, January 27, 2017

Stupid Tourists Climb Brooklyn Bridge; BPL Intellectual Rave Party; Lunar New Year; and More Brooklyn Briefs

Photo by MK Metz
- 12-hour French ‘intellectual rave party’ at Brooklyn Public Library this weekend. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Tourists arrested for climbing Brooklyn Bridge to take selfies. [DNAinfo]

- South Asian residents in Kensington are forming a grassroots network to respond to Trump's threats against vulnerable members of the community. [The Nation]

- Brooklyn gun broker secretly recorded conversations with corrupt NYPD cops. [Daily News]

- A townhouse in Brooklyn Heights with one of the highest price tags in the borough has just gone into contract. [Forbes]

- Brooklyn artist arrested after allegedly wanting to show how easy it is carry around a bomb. [Daily News]

- It turns out Jared Kushner and Sean Spicer are also registered to vote in two states. [Washington Post]

- A guide to the best Lunar New Year events in Brooklyn. [Brooklyn Paper]

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Anonymous said...

DeKalb Avenue does not intersect with any numbered streets and the highest numbered "East" street in Brooklyn is East 108th Street, west of Fresh Creek Park in Canarsie. Not your tweet, I know; jus' sayin'.

Anonymous said...

NYRR Brooklyn Half Marathon (30,000 spots) sold out Wed at noon in about 22 minutes. Makes for a good story.

Do you have a regular publishing schedule, or just whenever? Miss the days when there's no update.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever hire a costume person?

mcbrooklyn said...

Sorry for delay; it's been Trump 24/7 this week.