Monday, September 7, 2009

Campaign Flyers Up the Wazoo in Brooklyn

Is your mailbox like ours? Look at all of these campaign flyers!

Out of the 20 flyers we received in the last two days, seven were from Bill de Blasio, two were from Ken Diamondstone, one was from Isaac Abraham, three from Evan Thies, three from Eric Gioia, three from Mark Green, and one from David Weprin. Obviously Bill de Blasio is the clear winner in flyer distribution.

What does it cost to run a campaign, anyway? Bill de Blasio has raised about $1.5 million to date, according to the Campaign Finance Board. Mark Green has raised $508,000 so far. David Yassky has raised $1.9 million. David Weprin has brought in $1.7 million. John Liu has raised $2.9 million. Norman Siegel has just $298,000. Bob Zuckerman raised $94,000. Sebastian Ulanga has raised $6,500. Ken Diamondstone brought in $60,300.

A (very) random sampling determines that campaigns have raised a (very) rough average of $800,000 apiece from citizens big and small.

- An eco-friendly self-sustaining aquatic artists’ colony Waterpod.

- The annual operating budget for the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

- Fine paid by 20 TV stations after airing Janet Jackson's bare breast during the 2004 Superbowl.

- A Civil War era decoy duck.

- A four-bedroom Intracoastal Waterfront beachside pool home with panoramic views and a deep water dock in Daytona Beach, Florida.

- A Japanese Bently Tetsu GTR automobile.

- A new $800,000 comfort station for the baseball field at Eighth Avenue and 65th Street.

- The renovation of 40 affordable homes in the Hudson Valley.

- The entire purchase of fertilizers, improved seeds, tractors and Agro-chemicals to address the Africa food crisis under the Multi-National Rice Dissemination program.

There! Doesn't that make you feel better about politics?

Photo of Waterpod by MK Metz
Photo of luxury home for sale courtesy of RE/MAX All Pro Realty.
Photo of rice courtesy of IRRI:

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Anonymous said...

If any of these political spendthrifts are reading this: I throw all your crappy ads (as well as my neighbors) into the recycle bin.
Stop the madness.