Friday, September 11, 2009

Hate Big Google Search Box. But Bing's Is Right Size!

We hate the new Google search box.

There's probably no one who searches on Google who hasn't noticed the design change. Big-ass search box, BIG TYPE, squarish buttons.

After struggling to reset the options or change the view, it slowly sank in that some new, clunky, malformed Google has forever replaced our old, spiffy Google. It's so out of balance -- if you adjust the search box text size, the "results" text is too small. (Though some speculate this will help senior seachers, it won't because the results are the same size as always.)

We can't stand looking at the Google search page anymore. It hurts our eyes.

Is this a Bing attack? Wait -- we never use Bing --
but we used it today for the first time, and Bing's search box is the right size!

Compare old and new Google at TechCrunch.

UPDATE: It seems that it is being tested in different countries and on different browsers. On some versions of Firefox it is bigger and uglier than others. Anyone comment on how it appears on their browser?

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mcbrooklyn said...

Note: One one of my computers the search box is still its regular size and outlined in blue, but the buttons are square. On the other (firefox but a different version) the search box is HUGE and the type is HUGE, but the search box outline is not blue, it's whitish. And the buttons are square. Google must be testing different versions.

tin said...

why they would change something that was beautiful and worked perfecty fine before is beyond me.