Saturday, August 17, 2013

Big LICH Victory, at Least for Now: Judge Orders SUNY to Restore Services at Long Island College Hospital

Supreme Court Justice Johnny Lee Baynes ordered the immediate restoration of hospital services and staffing at Long Island College Hospital (LICH) late Friday. Services must be restored to the levels that were in place on July 19 -- not complete staffing levels, but more than they are now, according to the Brooklyn Eagle.

In a 5-page decision, Justice Baynes also appointed an ombudsman as a contact point for staff or patients to notify if SUNY tries to cut services again; told SUNY to return the equipment it took after July 19; and ordered SUNY to get rid of the army of guards it has ringed the hospital with.

SUNY Downstate has been trying to shut down LICH, in Cobble Hill, in order to sell off its valuable real estate to prop up its own bankrupt hospital in Prospect Heights.

LICH supporters celebrated in Cobble Hill last night and another presser will be held at the Nurses Association in Manhattan tomorrow.

Brooklyn judge orders restoration of key services at LICH Brooklyn Eagle

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