Sunday, August 11, 2013

Is Brooklyn College's New Logo Worth $107,000?

Old Logo

New Logo

The NY Post says that Brooklyn College spent $107,000 on an outside an design firm to redesign its old, "supposedly phallic" logo.

Here they both are, the old pictorial logo on the left, the new text logo on the right.

College spokeswoman Keisha-Gaye Anderson would not tell the Post where the $107,000 came from, but claimed not from taxpayers or tuition.

Was it worth it?

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Anonymous said...

It has been obvious to Broolynites that Gould is an outsider who just doesn't get it.

The old logo was not a phallic symbol! It was an outline of the tower on LaGuardia Hall that contained the carillons that peal every quarter of an hour.

The logo was a symbol of the essence of Brooklyn College. How could an interloper from La La Land understand.

She seems to have a passion or bent for Women's Studies. Gould is in the process of decimating Children's Studies, with about 250 majors, just to hire more faculty for Women's Studies, with a handful of majors. A psychiatrist could have a field day with her passion for French literature, women's studies, and thinking the bell tower looks like a penis.

Anonymous said...

President Gould is laughing all the way to the bank. She collects two salaries for one job. She has corrupted the entire CUNY as well as the Brooklyn College Foundation. See this story: