Monday, November 25, 2013

BBP Pierhouse Taxes; Brooklyn Heights Rental; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Pierhouse to add $16M to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s annual budget. [TRD]

- Someone is probably going to rent this townhouse in Brooklyn Heights for $14,000 a month. [Curbed]

- From leaks to rats, the New York City Housing Authority has vowed to make repairs in 150 apartments in Brooklyn before Christmas. [TRD]

- CB6 says "Nope" to NY Methodist hospital expansion in Park Slope. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- There's a lot more crime in parks than we think, and NYPD has been concealing the real numbers. [NY Post]

- Sunday Atlantic Yards meeting in Brooklyn: A petition to "block the sale of land our tax dollars paid for to a foreign company [China] with no stake in producing Affordable Housing for Brooklyn." [Atlantic Yards Report]

- The sky will soon be filled with journalism drones. [NY Magazine]

- This upstate house has a fabulous apocalypse-ready bunker built into the ground below it in a missile silo. [Viral Nova]

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