Tuesday, November 19, 2013

City Looking for Someone to Bring One-of-a-Kind Astroland Rocket Ship Ride Back to Coney Island

Photo: Allie Caulfield, Flickr
 The NYC Economic Development Corporation is looking for an organization to assume ownership of the world-famous, 71 foot-long, 14,000 pound Astroland Amusement Park Rocket Ship ride, fix it up, bring it back to Coney Island, and display it "at a site accessible to the public in a way that enhances the Coney Island visitor experience."

Hurry up: The deadline to submit a proposal is November 22.

In 2009, the city acquired the iconic ride, which was donated by Carol Hill Albert and Jerry Albert, whose family owned and operated the Astroland Amusement Park from 1962 until its closing in 2008. The Rocket was removed from its perch atop Gregory and Paul’s boardwalk stand and moved to Homeport in Staten Island, a city-owned facility.

“This one-of-a-kind Rocket simulator was the very first ride to arrive at Astroland Park when it was founded by my late father in-law Dewey Albert in 1962,” Carol Hill Albert told the EDC in 2009.

The Rocket was one of the first space voyage simulators created during the Space Race. Originally built built in 1959 by Todd Shipyards as the "Star Flyer,” it was renamed the Astroland Rocket in 1963 and continued to operate through the 1970’s. The ride had 26 seats and lifted on hydraulics to simulate launching into space.

The EDC promised that one day the Rocket would return -- and that day is coming soon.

In the stirring words of Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz: “When I look at this rocket, I recall JFK’s rallying cry that America would go to the moon before the 60’s was out — and I hereby cry out to all those who love Coney, that together we will revitalize “America’s Favorite Playground” by the end of this decade. Let’s give this rocket a dream destination—the Coney Island of the 21st Century, a modern mecca of freakishness, fun-loving spirit and Brooklyn charm.”

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