Friday, December 5, 2014

Another Wild Night of Eric Garner Protests in NYC

Large groups of marchers protesting the Eric Garner grand jury decision have been disrupting spots across the city, from the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn Bridge to Union Square to 1 Police Plaza to midtown.

Earlier, police arrested 16 at the Manhattan Bridge, part of a group of roughly 100 that hit the bridge around 10:30 p.m. Thursday.

Around midnight, there were reports that protestors were destroying property at Reade Street and Church Street.

 At 1 a.m. Friday, police dispatch said at least two groups of marchers were milling around 57-58th streets and headed from 6th to 7th Ave. in Manhattan. One group had about 100 marchers; a nearby group had 200.

P.O. said, "We have to corral these guys."

At the same time, at 51st Street and 8th Ave, a police officer had difficulty breathing and briefly went unconscious (around 1 a.m. Friday morning). Dispatch announced at 1:10 a.m. that  he had regained consciousness and became alert.

Stephan Keegan reported via Twitter that a call is out for marchers to head to Gracie Mansion.

"Mass arrests" are ongoing, according to Breaking911.  Police have brought in white Corrections buses.

At 1:25 a.m., a group going east on Madison at 57th Street was reported to be throwing garbage intothe street. Tweeter Adam T. James reported a "riot" and cops with mace.

Another group of 200 was reported at 61th and Lexington headed northbound.  Police hope to split the group into smaller, more managable segments.

At 1:35 a.m., another group was headed for the Triboro Bridge.

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