Sunday, January 3, 2016

Gunplay, Commotion Across the Street from Brooklyn's Barclays Center Early Sunday Morning

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From the Scanner:

Cops were dispatched at 12:40 a.m. Sunday morning to Tony Roma's Restaurant at 673 Atlantic Ave., catty-corner from Barclays Center in Brooklyn, to investigate a complaint about a male with a firearm.

According to the dispatcher, the gunman had been inside the restaurant but then left the scene.

Dispatch said that the restaurant manager was currently holding the gun, and someone might be bleeding. (This has not yet been confirmed.) The perp fled East along Atlantic Ave. in a white sedan.

The gunman was described as black, wearing a dark hoodie and dark jeans.

Shortly after this assignment, another call came in reporting a "big commotion," a "dangerous condition" and a crowd at that location.

The 78th Precinct transferred this to the 88th Precinct, according to dispatch.

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