Monday, January 18, 2016

Shocker: Brooklyn Heights Co-Op Turns Down $130M for Pineapple Walk

 What's next -- flying pigs?

Cooperators at Whitman Owner (75 Henry Street) in Brooklyn Heights turned down a developer's $130 million offer to buy a strip of shops along Pineapple Walk to build a 40-story tower, the Brooklyn Eagle reports.

The developer had dangled the promise of from $120,000 to $200,000+ per Whitman shareholder, plus enriched coffers for the co-op and the use of the new building's amenities.

Here's the kicker: After much discussion about seriously overcrowded schools, subways and traffic (with many developments still to come) in Brooklyn Heights . . . shareholders turned down the developer's offer!

Do things like this even happen in real life?

Apparently, yes. 

75 Henry St. Shareholders Vote Against Selling Pineapple Walk in Brooklyn Heights

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Anonymous said...

Do you know what percentage of owners/residents voted?

mcbrooklyn said...

302 shareholders voted. The tower has 320 units, and there are (guessing) 10 - 20 townhouses. So a substantial majority of shareholders voted.