Friday, February 26, 2016

75 Henry Street Receives 'Good Neighbor' Award From Brooklyn Heights Association

Owners at 75 Henry St., left, turned down an offer to sell these Pineapple Walk shops to a developer. Image courtesy Google Maps
 All kinds of interesting news at the Brooklyn Heights Association's annual meeting Wednesday night, but one thing that struck us as well-deserved: co-op owners at 75 Henry Street (Whitman Owner Corp.) were honored with the BHA's Good Neighbor Award.

In January, shareholders of Whitman voted against allowing the board to investigate the sale of their Pineapple Walk property to a developer.

The vote was momentous in a neighborhood being overwhelmed by unplanned development. Each shareholder would have received in excess of $120,000 if the building was sold.

It's nice to know that people still have the capacity to consider both long-term negative consequences and the effect of a 40-story tower on their neighbors.

As reported in the Brooklyn Eagle:

The Good Neighbor Award was presented to Robert Sage and Marilyn Brainin, board members of the Whitman Owner Corporation, representing the owners of 75 Henry Street. The co-op turned down a developer’s offer for Pineapple Walk. “Above all, they listened to the concerns of their neighbors – both those in their building and throughout Brooklyn Heights – and rejected the offer,” Stewart said. “We don’t see too many examples of such a decision, which combined pragmatism with selflessness.”

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