Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Brooklyn Weather: Tuesday Nice; Wednesday Thunder, Thunder, Thunder

Photo: Rain in Cadman Plaza Park, by MK Metz
If you have to run around outside in Brooklyn, today is the day. The National Weather Service predicts a high of 57 degrees today, with a 20 percent chance of rain after 2 p.m.

Wednesday, however, is another matter. First, the good news. The high will be around 68 degrees.
Now the bad news:

"Possibly a thunderstorm before 2pm,
then possibly a thunderstorm between 2 & 4pm,
then a thunderstorms after 4pm."

Got that? Possibly thunderstorms before 2pm, between 2 and 4pm, and after 4pm. So, stay inside on Wednesday if you can and make sure you have an umbrella.

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