Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Techies 'Hack the Ban'; Brooklyn Artist Makes Real Bucks; Foreclosures; and More Brooklyn Briefs

Something oddly satisfying about this video.

- Techies ‘Hack the Ban’ for undocumented immigrants in Brooklyn. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- A power problem near the Jay Street-MetroTech subway station caused delays across several lines early Tuesday. [NBC] Check MTA for train status today.

- Why at least one Brooklyn artist doesn't need a day job. [Forbes]

- A report by PropertyShark showed that the Eastern half of Brooklyn was the source of the borough’s high foreclosure rates. [KingsCountyPolitics]

- Brooklyn film company owner donated to Mayor de Blasio fund-raiser over fear her business would suffer. [Daily News]

- A New York man who was convicted of assaulting the head of the Brooklyn Jewish Y at a basketball game in 2014 has fled the country for Turkey. [JTA]

- Travolta makes triumphant return to Brooklyn. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Today's the last day of the winter for free admission to Brooklyn Botanic Garden! [BBG]

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Anonymous said...

Did you ever hire a costume person at the Brooklyn Eagle (and advertised here)?

mcbrooklyn said...

Not sure if they did. Did see an Eagle handing out papers at Boro Hall!