Friday, October 26, 2007

Graffiti Artist Gets Hard Time in Brooklyn

Mike Bacca was scheduled to go to jail Wednesday (we haven't heard if he actually made it there, but that was the plan) for a three month graffiti conviction in Brooklyn.

While in prison he will have to mount a case against a 43 count indictment, according to ni9e25. He may be sentenced to up to seven years. Why? For writing his tag, 2ESAE (how you get that from "Mike Bacca" we don't know, but it is shorter) on 43 walls.

He has only a court-appointed legal aid lawyer, who according to Mike, is "on vacation" a lot.

Mike is the latest example of New York City's crackdown against graffiti. But he is not just another run of the mill tagger -- an artist and fashion designer, Mike's work has been featured in the New York Times, Bomb it, and Esquire.

McBrooklyn thinks graffiti sucks when it defaces someone's home or business, but seven years in the can does sound pretty harsh for a guy who hasn't actually killed anyone.

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