Monday, October 8, 2007

Duffield Street Underground RR, Norman Mailer and More Brooklyn in Brief, Tuesday

- The city last week withdrew eminent domain findings concerning three blocks in Downtown Brooklyn, which include homes allegedly once involved in the Underground Railroad, a financial firm with 150 employees, a rent-stabilized apartment building that houses 40 families, a handful of parking lots and an arts venue. The question is -- why? Brooklyn Eagle

- Norman Mailer has written thirteen novels, nineteen works of nonfiction, two poetry collections, and one play... In a new book, On God, he lays out his personal vision of what the universe’s higher truths might look like ... New York Magazine

- Why does "Gossip Girl" film in Brooklyn, pretend it's the upper East Side, then put down Brooklyn as a lower class suburb? Brooklyn Enthusiast

- Still no takers for Gage & Tollner space. (Or should we move to Portland and open a restaurant?) Brownstoner

- BARC’s Dog Parade is next weekend! NewYorkShitty

- Brooklyn Heights was the scene of a terrible tragedy on Saturday night, when the shooting of the new Coen brothers movie with George Clooney and Brad Pitt at Clinton and State streets somehow took out the cable T.V. in local buildings ... Gawker

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it great that eminent domain won't be used to overtake people in Brooklyn. The use of that power has been abused by too many people.