Monday, February 16, 2009

'Swank' Restaurant on Montague Street, Brooklyn, In the 40s?

Al Salerno was a columnist for The Brooklyn Eagle in the late 1940s. In his “Night Life” column in 1948 he wrote of a restaurant named Le Cordon Rouge, but never mentioned the street address on Montague.

It was a swank restaurant, but the paper hasn't been able to determine the exact location. Does anyone know?

Salerno describes the restaurant as having a chef from Sardi’s, an old and famous bar "from the once-fabulous Reisenweber’s," a coat room, "an old-fashioned fireplace topped by crystal lamps, a luxurious timepiece, and further up, miniature balconies"

The only location we can think of that could hold all of that is the present site of Hallmark Cards on Montague. What are we overlooking?

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bj said...

Anybody remember Mammy's Pantry, at 122 Montague Street?