Monday, December 28, 2009

The Brooklyn Portfolio's Second Monthly Report

It seems hardly possible, but it's time to issue The Brooklyn Portfolio's second monthly report.

The portfolio (the Brooklyn Fund put together by McBrooklyn and McBrooklyn readers) became a reality Friday, October 23,2009 with the purchase of 10 shares of eight different Brooklyn-related stocks or ADRs.

The fund, as of Dec. 23, is up 8.02 %.

This compares favorably to the S&P 500, which gained 4.34% during the same time period. (Future performance has nothing to do with past performance, however. This fund may tank tomorrow.)

Here are the initial stocks and their cost when we purchased them on Oct. 23:

National Grid plc (ADR) - NGG - 48.22/share * 10 shares = 482.20
Pfizer Inc. - PFE - 17.25/share * 10 shares = 172.50
Bristol Myers Squibb Co. - BMY - 22.24/share * 10 shares = 222.40
Corning Incorporated - GLW - 15.65/share * 10 shares = 156.50
Nathan's Famous - NATH - 14.38/share * 10 shares = 143.80
Dime Community Bancshares - DCOM - 11.59/share * 10 shares = 115.90
Novartis AG (ADR) - NVS - 51.89/share * 10 shares = 518.90
Brooklyn Federal Savings Bank - BFSB - 12.10/share * 10 shares = 121.00

Performance (click on chart to enlarge):

The initial cost of the all the shares was $1933.20. The shares are now worth $2,088.24, a gain of $155.04.

General comments:
The fund really hasn't gained anything in the last month -- in fact it's lost a few bucks, mostly because National Grid gave up some of its incredible gain of the previous month. Corning, however, is flying, making up most of the loss -- it's gone up 23 percent since we bought it two months ago. Brooklyn Federal Savings Bank had been the dud of the fund so far, losing about 12 percent in the last two months.

(At this point we are not including dividend yields nor are we subtracting fees to purchase the stocks. We'll add these at the end of the year.)

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Photo by Don Hankins, Creative Commons license

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