Monday, December 14, 2009

'Brooklyn's Toxic Preschool' Boss Andy Lewis Gets 18 Months

Brooklyn Federal Court Judge Kiyo Matsumoto late Friday sentenced Boerum Hill's infamous "Toxic Preschool" boss, Andy Lewis, to serve 18 months, reports the Brooklyn Eagle. Lewis was convicted of misappropriating more than half a million dollars in U.S. Department of Agriculture funds.

With credit for time already served, this comes to about a year. Not bad for a half a million, plus maybe a hundred thousand more in unreturned deposits conned from unsuspecting families.

So where is the money? No one knows, except Lewis, who claims he spent it on staff salaries but seems to have no paperwork to back that up.

The money was supposed to be spent on hot meals for low income kids at his daycare and after-school centers. The kids never got a thing to eat aside from the occasional cracker.

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camilynn said...


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Anonymous said...

It works out to one year including time served, and knowing Lewis he'll be in protective half of that time. When he gets out he's got half a million stashed in Jersey.