Friday, December 11, 2009

Update On Church vs. Bike Lane in Brooklyn Heights

Blogger Ink Lake created quite a stir with his crusade against car-parkers in the bike lane in front of the First Presbyterian Church on Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights. (There are more than 80 comments about this issue on the Brooklyn Heights Blog.)

Every Sunday cars clog the bike lane, says Ink Lake: "Apparently, they have some 'understanding' with the 84th Precinct, whereby if they put a sign in their window that they are attending church, they don't get ticketed . . ."

Here's an update: Ink Lake went out to the church again recently to see how the parking was shaping up. As he walked down the street, taking movies of all the parked cars, a reporter from News 12 Brooklyn showed up. Here's the result:

Ink Lake had a discussion with Reverend Stephen Phelps about the problem (which seems to pit church history against bike riders). Read about it here at Ink Lake.

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