Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Panasonic Not Moving HQ and Thousand Jobs to Brooklyn

 Panasonic decided not to move its headquarters and almost a thousand jobs to a Brooklyn property owned by Forest City Ratner.

Instead, it will move from Secaucus, NJ to Newark, NJ, acccording to Crain's New York and Gothamist. Brooklyn apparently could't compete with a $102.4 million subsidy offered to Panasonic to move to Newark. But trouble looms: the town of Secaucus is suing.

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Anonymous said...

We are better off then competing in a foolish give away to corporations.

Would be better to use the money on small business in Brooklyn that actually generate more jobs.

Anonymous said...

Good link about it:

mcbrooklyn said...

Now we understand why NJ is in such trouble.