Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hanco's Vietnamese Restaurant Opens On Montague Street

Hanco's Bubble Tea and Vietnamese Sandwich restaurant opened at 147 Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights Sunday and we've had good experiences so far. We've tried the rice noodles topped with grilled chicken ($8.25); Pho noodle soup with vegetarian pork ($8.25); and rice with vegetarian chicken ($7.25). (We took the food out.)

All had generous portions and great flavor, though on opening day it seemed they ran out of (or forgot) some of the vegetables/garnishes. But on Monday all was as it should be: our grilled chicken on rice noodles dish came with the full compliment of lettuce, cucumber, mint leaves, roasted peanuts and fried onion bits, with Vietnamese vinaigrette sauce on the side. The grilled chicken was tender and mouth-watering, and so far this is our favorite dish overall.

The Pho was delicious. The broth had that touch of something special -- even our cats couldn't stop lapping it up.  The vegetarian pork was more successful than the vegetarian chicken.

We tried several varieties of bubble tea ($3.75) and all were yummy. We haven't tried the famous banh mi Vietnamese sandwiches ($6.25) yet, but if you do, today (Tuesday) is the last day of the "buy one sandwich get small bubble tea free" special.

There are still a few kinks. It was mad busy Monday evening and we had to wait at least 20 minutes for our order. If you do take out make sure to check your order before you go, as the kitchen got a bit confused on Monday. The manager said they plan to offer delivery but not for a while, as they are still getting their system in place.

It seems this place is going to be a hit. We will definitely be back. There are two other Brooklyn locations: on Bergen Street in Boerum Hill and on 7th Avenue in Park Slope.

Photo and review by MK Metz

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