Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wedding Central at Fulton Ferry Landing Yesterday

The pier at Fulton Ferry Landing yesterday (near DUMBO) was a nonstop riot of wedding parties having photos taken. At one point a queue formed.

The diversity of colors and styles was amazing -- one Latin group featured a bride in a bright yellow dress with bridesmaids wearing even brighter blue; one bride wore pink while the men in the party dressed like cadets with hats and pink epaulettes; one couple was dressed in the continental style, she wearing a knee-length eggshell-colored dress and he looking dapper in a slim-fitting tailored jacket; and many brides went with the whole white gown/veil/train treatment.

We've circled four bridal parties in the above photo, but there was a constant stream of them coming and going.

Photo by MK Metz

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Anonymous said...

um, the girls in the colored dresses are not brides. they are 15 year olds celebrating their Quinceañera. they also take a ton of photos in that area & in the dumbo park.

mcbrooklyn said...

You could be right but we think they were with the bride wearing the bright yellow dress (you can see her behind them). Don't think they are all 15 (Quinceañera), some look younger, like 8 or 10.