Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Brooklyn Bridge Park Advisor Denies Velodrome Conflict of Interest Charges

Site of future Fieldhouse on Furman Street  Photo: BBPC
Was someone orchestrating the proposal to site Joshua Rechnitz's $40 million fieldhouse / velodrome into Brooklyn Bridge Park?

Kate Collignon, a connected former member of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Community Advisory Council (CAC) told the Brooklyn Eagle she did not exploit her position to steer the controversial indoor competitive cycling racetrack to the park, an accusation reported by the Brooklyn Paper.

Collignon resigned from the CAC two months ago -- and suddenly popped up working for HR&A Advisors, the consulting firm working for the velodrome's wealthy backer, Rechnitz.

Collognon has also worked for the city’s Economic Development Corporation in charge of planning and development at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Collignon and her supporters say she had no input into the velodrome while on the advisory council (the CAC never voted on the proposal), but some of her fellow CAC members think there is at least the appearance of back-scratching.

One insider told the Eagle, “There’s a big revolving door between certain private firms and the Mayor’s Office. Clearly the Mayor’s Office wanted her as a ringer. She doesn’t live anywhere near the park.”

Velodrome skeptics — including Peter Flemming, co-chair of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Community Council — told the Eagle last week that the proposed fieldhouse/ velodrome is a stadium for a marginal sport masquerading as a community recreation center.

He told the same thing to the New York Times when they picked up on the story yesterday.

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