Tuesday, August 14, 2012

They'll Be Spraying Staten Island for Mosquitoes on Wednesday, August 15

By Joaquim Alves Gaspar
The New York City Department of Health is going to spray Staten Island with pesticide starting this Wednesday night, August 15 after 8 p.m.to combat swarms of mosquitoes infected with the potentially deadly West Nile virus.

According to the latest mosquito map, infected mosquitoes have been found all over the island. A Staten Island man was hospitalized with West Nile-caused viral meningitis at the end of July, the first case in NYC. He survived and has been released from the hospital.

A small section of the island was sprayed earlier this summer. Neighborhoods involved in this Wednesday's spraying are: Parts of Dongan Hills, Grasmere, Grant City, Midland Beach, New Dorp, New Dorp Beach, Oakwood, Oakwood Beach, Old Town, South Beach, parts of Annadale, Bay Terrace, Eltingville, and Great Kills. (Zip codes 10304, 10305, 10306, 10308, and 10312)

West Nile virus has also been detected in mosquitoes in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Dyker Heights, Greenwood Heights, Starrett City and Windsor Terrace, but spraying has not been announced for these neighborhoods yet.

While the Health Department says the pesticide is safe when used properly, they urge people to stay indoors if possible, close your air conditioner vents, remove children's toys and playground equipment (and wash it and anything else sprayed with soap and water including clothing or skin). We would add keep your pets indoors, and don't take your kids to the playground until after a rain.

Also, pick your tomatoes today!

If it rains Wednesday night, the spraying will be put off until the next day. Mosquito tips here.

Aside: Dallas has launched a War on Mosquitoes, declaring a state of emergency and asking for five planes to drop pesticides onto the mosquitoes, says Gawker.

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