Friday, December 21, 2012

End of An Era at the Brooklyn Heights Press

We noticed a change in the local newspaper, the Brooklyn Heights Press last week and now we know why:

Henrik Krogius –- the Emmy-award winning TV news producer and editor of the Brooklyn Heights Press for 22 years -- has retired, the Brooklyn Eagle reports.

“My career has gone through many changes, from movie house newsreels to early-days black-and-white television, to color television and satellite transmissions, and back to the traditional weekly newspaper,” he wrote in his farewell editorial.

“I’ve sometimes felt I was a living anachronism, watching obsolescence take over everything I was involved in. Perhaps it’s time for something more restful, or, in any case, some project not bound to the insistent wheel of progress, or ‘progress.’”

Krogius' photos of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, taken since its beginning (and before its beginning) have been published in the definitive book on the subject -- "The Brooklyn Heights Promenade."

The book is comprised of his research done in the ’70s and ’80s — his interviews, correspondences and conclusions, and contains several dozen black-and-white photos.

“I wanted to write it to solidify my claim to be the historian of the Promenade,” Krogius told the Eagle.

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