Sunday, December 9, 2012

Some Guy Is Letting the Whole World Control His Christmas Tree

If you visit this Ustream video page, you'll see a live video of a Christmas tree whose lights are blinking on and off in a bizarre barrage of colors and patterns.

Red, white, blue, white, white, red, red, blue -- WTF? (If you tend towards epilepsy you might want to avoid the whole thing.)

What's happening is the Internet is controlling the tree. You can join in by opening another page called "Control Our Tree" at "Patrick Easters Christmas Tree."

The site explains, "Christmas is a big deal here at The Broth. Enjoy it with us by controlling our Christmas tree. Change whatever you want, but don't get crazy." You can click on buttons to control the color, blink pattern and rate. Or you can turn it off.

The rest of the world will also be clicking on colors and rates, so it's not likely your color scheme will prevail. You can join the discussion running alongside the video where different groups try to get everybody to cooperate and make the tree lights blink just red, for example.

A large contingent visiting from the Reddit website got the tree to turn all red for a while.

The tree's owner placed a fire extinguisher right next to it Sunday night.

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