Thursday, December 20, 2012

Now It's Called "The Brooklyn Malaise'

By In Pastel
"The Brooklyn Malaise" started out as the term for what is happening to the Nets: a month ago they were near the top of the world; today, according to Hangtime, they rank as "one of the three worst defensive teams in the month."

We like the term "The Brooklyn Malaise" so much we've decided to use it to describe a certain syndrome afflicting more and more of Brooklyn. You know what we're talking about:

People who live in Park Slope in an apartment that costs $300 a month because they have no bathroom and have to use chamber pots. This being Brooklyn, they don't use just any chamber pots. They use artisanal chamber pots.

They also give chamber pots as presents to their friends because they want to share the love. (Expect to find Brooklyn-branded chamber pots on sale everywhere within the next three months.)

That (parody or not) is The Brooklyn Malaise.

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Anonymous said...

"Artisanal" is how it's spelled.

mcbrooklyn said...

Thanks! Just changed.