Saturday, January 26, 2013

Flyover of Brooklyn, via Google Earth

In case anyone has forgotten how awesome Google Earth is, here are a few views we snapped today while zooming over Brooklyn.

The images come from NOAA (the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) satellites and are pieced together by Google software on the fly. (Some smudgy artifacts show up in the screen grabs that don't matter much when you're zooming over the city.)

The amount of data represented here is breathtaking. This was the stuff of science fiction dreams just a few years ago, and now anyone with a normal computer has complete and free access to it.

Click on the photos to see larger images.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Prospect Park & Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Downtown Brooklyn

Breezy Point, Rockaways
Photos courtesy Google Earth and NOAA

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Andrew Porter said...

The "Prospect Park" picture is actually mostly of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden; Prospect Park is to the left, the other side of Flatbush Avenue.

mcbrooklyn said...

Good eyesight!