Wednesday, January 23, 2013

NYC Interactive Dog Map Shows 'Lucy' Most Popular Dog Name in Downtown Brooklyn

We knew we've run into a lot of dogs named Lucy lately, and now there's proof:

WNYC’s Data News team has created DOGS OF NYC, an interactive map that illustrates the popularity of names and breeds depending on neighborhood.

There are actually 23 dogs named Lucy living in the 11201 Zip code -- followed by 10 Maggie's and 10 Lulu's.

Meanwhile, in Williamsburg, Milo and Max tie for first.

You can zoom the map and click on dog names for details.

Other interesting tidbits:
*The most popular female dog name is Bella, and Max is the most popular male dog name.
*There are 26 dogs in NYC named Pepsi, but none named Coke or Coca-Cola.
*There are 14 dogs named Kitty and 31 named Tigger.

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