Monday, January 21, 2013

More Brooklyn Victims of Child Abuser Nechemya Weberman Alleged

Nechemya Weberman, the Hasidic "counselor" to be sentenced in Brooklyn Tuesday for sexually abusing a young Williamsburg girl for years, violated at least 10 others, according to the New York Daily News.

Weberman is said to have invoked Kabbalah — a form of Jewish mysticism — to convince his victims that having sex with him was kosher, the News reports.

After coming forward, the woman, now 18, and her husband were the targets of an intimidation campaign.

More than 1,000 Satmar Hasidic (Jewish) men showed up at a Williamsburg hall to raise $500,000 for Weberman’s legal defense. (About a  hundred anti-Weberman supporters showed up as well.)

Following Weberman's conviction, a Hasidic rabbi who campaigns against the sexual abuse of children was attacked in Williamsburg by a man who threw bleach in his face.

Weberman was convicted December 10, 2012. His cousin, who operates an anti-Weberman blog (he calls Weberman a "pig") says Weberman is under a suicide watch -- though he added he wouldn't be surprised if it was a "ploy to win sympathy" from the judge.

Graphic based on photo by Ernst Moeksis

- Accused Rapist Nechemya Weberman Goes to Trial in Brooklyn

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