Thursday, June 13, 2013

'Atlantic Frantic' Fundraiser for LICH on Friday, June 14

SUNY Downstate is removing all residents from Long Island College Hospital in its latest (possibly illegal) move to force LICH to close.

The Concerned Physicians of Long Island College Hospital and the Nurses Association invite everyone to a fundraiser on Friday to raise money for the continuing legal battle.

If you can't be there, send a donation. Time is short; nurses are quitting in protest and the residents will soon be gone.

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Anonymous said...

NURSES are NOT quitting in protest. We are protesting by STAYING & FIGHTING for the hospital. Intern & resident doctors were pulled out of the hospital by SUNY - for the 1st time since 1858, LICH will not have a medical teaching program - BUT doctors ARE there - the attending physicians, plus newly hired intensivists, hospitalists, nurse practioners, and physician assistants. Its been mostly administrators that have quit - some of them nurse administrators -but they've been replaced too. THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF ANYTHING AT LICH - EXCEPT AN ORCHESTRATED SHORTAGE OF PATIENTS.