Monday, April 28, 2008

What Is This Thing on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade?

This little round thing is embedded in the Brooklyn Heights Promenade walkway, a couple of feet from the fence overlooking the BQE. It's near the Clark Street entrance.

Anyone know what it is?

There's something similar stuck in the sidewalk across the street from the Post Office in Downtown Brooklyn.

Photos by MK Metz


Anonymous said...

It is probably for surveying purposes.

Anonymous said...

That's what they want you to think.

Nick said...

It's quite likely part of the city-wide initiative to provide directional instructions at major points of interest. Concurrently they are placing directional compasses at the entrance to the pedestrian stairs onto the Brooklyn Bridge. This all stems from a test program detailed here:

only instead of stickers, these are intended to be a bit more permanent, as tourists/hoodlums/etc. might think they make a sweet hood ornament or wall covering.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It may have to do with the wireless access that's coming soon to the Promenade.

Anonymous said...

It looks very similar to the reinforcements used in more seismically active areas like California. Also, it would make sense that the city(?) would want to strength or test the strength of the promenade hanging over the BQE.
Just a theory.

Anonymous said...

I believe the city is going to do some major construction on the BQE under the Promenade within the next year or so.