Friday, April 25, 2008

Another Death on Adams Street, Downtown Brooklyn

This is where a woman was killed on Adams Street at lunchtime yesterday, right across the street from the new Brooklyn Marriott extension.

This photo was taken several hours after she was killed; you wouldn't know anything had even happened except that a lot of yellow caution tape was in the garbage can at the bus stop.

The man at the hot dog stand near the Marriott said he didn't see the accident but he heard it. "It was terrible," he said. "I heard her scream, maybe two seconds. Then nothing."

The Brooklyn Eagle reports that the woman was 69 years old and lived on Pierrepont Street in Brooklyn Heights. She appears to have been crossing at the light, though she was thrown maybe 25 feet. The Eagle has photos taken at the scene.

This is less than a block away from where Judge Bookson was struck and killed, and a block away from one of the most dangerous intersections in New York City, Adams and Tillary Streets. Teacher Ron Mortensen was killed at this intersection a year ago April 13, and a large number of accidents regularly take place all along Adams.

Many schools -- including Brooklyn Friends, Brooklyn Law School, City Tech, Polytechnic University, and two new public schools slated to open next September -- lie within a three-block radius.

In 2006 there was a drive to create an Adams Street overhead pedestrian overpass. At that time a local mom was quoted as saying, “An upper-schooler was hit in September, 2005; two middle-schoolers were hit in April 2005 and January 2006; and [our school's] head of Security was hit on May 1."

The overpass idea never got anywhere. Maybe it's time to look into it again.

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Photos by MK Metz


Anonymous said...

I'm there every day. And lunch hour is really difficult. I'll never walk against a light and even if I have the light I'll be careful because buses are coming from everywhere. But one thing is for sure, pedestrians are constantly crossing against the lights. (Not that I know what happened with this unfortunate lady.) There have been times when I have held my breath because some of the walkers don't even look and think that the highway to the Brooklyn Bridge is going to be that easy to get across. A few years ago they wanted to build a cross walk on Fulton across Adams/Boerum. They should have.

Anonymous said...

Terrible way to go.

Anonymous said...

She was my dear friend I found out she was killed 2 hours before her funeral talk. Her name was Dolly Scherzad. She was an amazing woman, she was Persian and spoke five languages. Did not look a day older than 45. She was a zealous preacher of the Bible. It was her life. She knew every Persian in NYC and who they were. She was incredibly intelligent, was a psychiatrist, ballet dancer, but most important she was an avid student and defender of the Bible. She was one of Jehovah's witnesses. She was known by many. Too many to count. My wife and I will miss her very much. It is a tragic loss. She was a very modest woman, God fearing woman who lived in a shoe box apartment with very little comforts because of her desire to be a footstep follower of Jesus Christ and teach everyone she possibly could what the Bible really teaches. She wasn't afraid to die. She was fearless and bold. She was anointed and lived up to it. We'll miss going preaching with her and enjoying each others company with our dear friend Sydney having a meal together and laughing. Dolly and us know this world is unstable and at any moment we could pass away. But soon God will change everything as it says in the Bible at the book of Daniel chapter 2 and verse 44. (Dan 2:44) She wouldn't want it any other way. May we all live up to the Christ like zeal that she displayed. For all the Persians, she tirelessly tried to help any Persian or farsi speaking person read and understand the Bible, Jew or Muslim, she was without prejudice and risked her life to teach the Bible. What a loss for us. She was like Dorcas in the Bible.

Anonymous said...

All sympathy for your loss. She sounds like a most unusual person.